Celebration Fruit Pizza

Watermelon is one of richest sources of lycopene, the antioxidant that gives the melon its deep pink pigment. Lycopene has been shown to slow the growth of several types of cancer cells, and is especially effective at reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women.

To pick the best watermelon, find one that is heavy for its size and has a dark yellow cream-colored spot where it sat on the ground to ripen. A white spot indicates that it’s underripe. Rinse or wipe the melon before cutting into the rind and store in the refrigerator once cut.

To get the most health benefit from watermelon, avoid the cost of convenience with pre-cut watermelon and slice your own before you plan to eat it. Not only does the Vitamin C begin to diminish immediately after cutting, but pre-cut watermelon is often sold at over a 400% markup!


⦁ 1 watermelon
⦁ 1 cup Greek yogurt, any flavor
⦁ 1 kiwi, sliced
⦁ ½ cup berries
⦁ ½ cup peaches, cantaloupe, mango, or papaya
⦁ Fresh mint
⦁ Additional toppings as desired: coconut flakes, slivered almonds, or a drizzle of melted dark chocolate.
Using a sharp chef’s knife, cut a 1” thick round slice though the center of a large watermelon. Spread a thin layer of yogurt around the center of the melon. Top with an assortment of your favorite colorful fruits. Choose 1-2 fruits that can be thinly cut and shaped using cookie cutters. Spread thin slivers of fresh mint leaves and sprinkle any additional desired toppings for a colorful and festive dessert! Makes 8 servings.

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