Cooking Skills & Classes

Mastering a few culinary nutrition basics in the kitchen can make a significant difference when it comes to eating healthfully. The Standard American Diet (appropriately referred to as SAD) is a modern mix of packaged, processed, and fast foods that are calorie dense, but nutritionally void. This, along with the chemicals and mass-industrialized food supply, has made America the most obese, yet malnourished, country in the world. Join me to learn more about how you can impact your health starting in your own kitchen.

Power Foods for Pre-Natal Nutrition
The nutrition status of a mother greatly affects her energy and well-being, and has profound impacts on the development of the baby. What we put in our bodies truly becomes the building blocks of another life. Not only does the mother’s nutrition help the baby’s fetal and newborn health, but may also reduce the risk of diseases later in life like allergies, cancer, and diabetes. Targeted toward anyone pregnant or looking to become pregnant, this 90-minute pre-natal nutrition class covers healing foods by trimester and covers six recipes that contain optimal nutrition for a thriving pregnancy. Learn the nutrition therapy relief for common problems and food safety during pregnancy.

Key Takeaways:
• Healing foods for morning sickness
• Blood sugar balance and gestational diabetes
• Do’s and Don’ts of pre-natal nutrition
• Essential foods for mother and baby
• Demonstration and tasting of six healthy recipes for the mom-to-be

“Jaclyn’s pre-natal class equipped me with the mindset and tools I needed to feel comfortable navigating my first pregnancy. My pregnancy was beautifully healthy, thanks in part to Jaclyn’s help.” – Hattie B.

Eat Right for Life
Healthy eating starts in the kitchen, but then where in the kitchen do you start? The Eat Right for Life class is a crash course in becoming a savvy consumer and more healthful cook. Walk away feeling confident that you know the necessities for a culinary nutrition pantry, can successfully use healthier substitutions to mainstream ingredients, and understand the importance of disease prevention through the lifespan all while challenging conventional thinking around fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Key Takeaways:
• Basic tools and skills for a lifetime of healthy cooking
• Understanding of micro and macronutrients
• Importance of good nutrition through the lifespan
• Demonstration and tasting of four recipes to include a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack

“Jaclyn’s class was a great mix of education and fun. We learned so much about nutrition and how to make simple changes to common recipes to make them healthier as well as delicious. She is very competent at demonstrating helpful techniques and made it fun for all the students to watch, participate, and taste. I’d highly recommend these classes!” – Roselle S.

Culinary Kids
For the next generation of nutritionists, the Culinary Kids class is an educational and interactive hour where kids age 6+ can learn the basics of cooking skills, healthy food selection, and practice with 3 easy-to-follow recipes; a breakfast smoothie, lunch box entrée, and a healthy after-dinner sweet treat. Kids will relate to how nutrition impacts their success at school, at play, and overall health.

Key Takeaways:
• Basics of healthy cooking
• Kitchen safety and meal prep
• Importance of good nutrition
• Ability to demonstrate 3 recipes

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