Nutrition in the Workplace

The corporate world can often be one of the most challenging environments to practice and maintain good health. Self-funded companies are desperate to lower healthcare costs by reducing high claims from prescription medication, preventable disease, and unwarranted ER visits. Additionally, most companies are seeking ways to help their employees create better work-life balance, emotional health, and financial well-being, all while reducing stress. These efforts are implemented with lofty visions of creating a healthy workplace culture. Often, these good intentions fall short, even when a monetary
incentive is in place. While employees work long hours, endure painful commutes, and tolerate coworkers, corporate America has become a place of all work and no play. With over 12 years of experience working in the corporate wellness industry, I have a keen understanding of the challenges that exist when it comes to bringing wellness in the workplace.

Culinary Team Building Challenge

Employers are in need of improving morale, colleague camaraderie, and creating healthy workplace cultures, and a great way to get employees playing is by offering onsite team-building cooking competitions. Companies with existing wellness incentives may choose to link these activities into point-earning options, or offer additional rewards and recognition for participating or winning the onsite cooking contest. Although the workplace tries so hard to create healthy cultures, employees go home to families and traditions that are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, undoing all the effort and investment their workplace wellness program has poured into them. By linking team-building culinary nutrition events at the worksite, employees get healthier on the job, and at home. And a healthy employee is a healthy workplace.

Corporate Camaraderie Options

  • Smoothie Showdown
  • Souper Salads
  • Salsa Smash
  • The Ultimate Lunch Challenge
  • Cooking for a Cause

Lunch and Learn Seminars

The focus of these seminars are on healthy cooking that addresses the biggest healthcare cost claims, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, GI issues, weight loss, and mental health. This would give employees the most basic life-giving skill; the education of learning how to cook for good health. Consider a monthly or quarterly package where seminars and skills build on one another. Other stand alone themes include power-packed proteins, heart-healthy diets, going green (cooking with more greens), immune boosting foods, and healthy sweets.

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